An economics dissertation is one of the most critical papers a student may get to write in his academic career. Therefore, one must pay sincere attention to every part of the task, from choosing economics dissertation topics to editing the solution. However, the topic in which the economics dissertation is written plays a crucial role in the ultimate write-up. Therefore, it has to be unique and showcase the student’s skills and knowledge. Unfortunately, most students are unaware of the trending dissertation topics on economics that can help them make an impact on the examiner and score the desired grades.

After speaking with several experts who offer online economics homework help, I came across a few topics to help students stand apart from the crowd.

However, before jumping into the economics dissertation topics, let’s clear a few dark clouds.

How Long Should An Economics Dissertation Be?

The length of an Economics dissertation varies with the academic level and the university. The usual word count is:

  • Undergraduate – 10000 -12000
  • Master’s – 15000 – 25000
  • PhD – 50000+

Things To Consider While Choosing An Economics Dissertation Topic

Choosing the best topic helps with perfect essay writing. It also helps to highlight the student’s skill and knowledge on the subject. But how will a student choose a dissertation topic? Consider the following criteria before choosing a topic:

  • The interest of the student – a topic that interests the student will encourage him to write with more detail and create an exclusive piece of writing
  • Allows research on the loopholes of the previous study – There are some areas in which a dissertation writer cannot find answers during research. Working on those loopholes can bring unique results and highlight the student’s intelligence through the paper.
  • Exclusivity of the topic – There are thousands of economics dissertation topics. Most researchers stick to a specific zone without exploring the broad scope of the subject. Therefore, examiners lose interest in reading the solution. However, if the dissertation is outside the general horizon, it intrigues the reader to read the entire content and score it with an open hand.   

Once a few economics dissertation topics are selected, one must take care to note that the topic allows showcasing of the following skills:

  • Describing and showcasing the area of research with a straightforward question
  • Pointing out the primary issues
  • Collecting the significant information
  • Examining its soundness and validity
  • Testing the background on all sides of an argument
  • Summing up a well-crafted conclusion

Steps To Choose A Dissertation Topic

Contrary to popular belief, choosing an economics dissertation topic is not easy. It is a multi-step affair. Here are the following steps that the researcher must undertake to choose the best topic:

Step 1: Brainstorm for subjects

Select a subject that piques the reader’s attention. Then, one must consider the following questions to help arrive at a subject suggestion.

  • Which current economic issue drives the student the most?
  • Did any recent news on economics heighten curiosity or make the student anxious?
  • Is there any economic topic that the student wants to learn more about?

Step 2: Read General Background Information

After shortlisting a few topics that intrigue the economics dissertation writer, it is best to search for them in encyclopedias. First, it will help the student search for the most widely used words that pinpoint the subject. Then, they can use these keywords to conduct further research on the topic and pick a topic for writing an economics dissertation.

Step 3: Focus on Your Topic

The third step is to focus on the topic. Here students must study the shortlisted keyword and determine its horizon; too wide will make the writing decentralised, while too narrow will not permit more profound research. Therefore, choose a topic that offers an optimum scope of research.

However, it is better to remember that dissertation topics can be changed at any stage of the writing process. For example, if one finds another aspect of a topic more intriguing or informative than currently researched, the topic can be modified accordingly.

36 Trending Economics Dissertation Topics

Here are the top trending economics dissertation topics.

  1. Does industry concentration impact organisation profitability?
  2. To what extent does market competition determine corporate growth strategies?
  3. How is sustainability impacted by non-profit organisations’ funding models?
  4. Fraud and Abuse in Non-profit Organisations
  5. Share insights on the Antitrust Methods and Market Power in the USA
  6. Antitrust regulation of horizontal mergers
  7. Do demand and supply control the UK market?
  8. Should the neoclassical growth model be revised in the modern world?
  9. Do interest rates have an impact on consumption in the USA?
  10. Does a country’s currency exchange rate affect the consumption of the country?
  11. What production industries faced a severe impact from COVID -19 pandemic?
  12. Describe Public policy formulation in terms of behavioural economics
  13. Are International trade a factor of growth in developed economies
  14. The impact of Information and Technology on rebuilding international trade
  15. How IT progress changed international value chains
  16. What are the preconditions for minting new currency unions?
  17. Latest tendencies in international finance: liberalisation or restrictions?
  18. Is the current global financial system viable?
  19. The most prospective regional trade unions
  20. What are the most beneficial destinations for FDI at this moment?
  21. Did FDI affect the developing countries economic growth?
  22. The reaction of financial markets to covid-19
  23. What impact did financial markets, have on Biden’s win?
  24. How Finance and Technology companies affect financial services?
  25. What has financial engineering accomplished in the recent future?
  26. Has Information Technology enhanced competition in financial services?
  27. Has covid – the pandemic changed corporate governance methods in the USA?
  28. The impact of corporate governance procedures on the capital structure of first-world countries
  29. Does IT progress influence companies’ investment in R&D?
  30. Economic effects of changes in demographic structure.
  31. The relationship between the count of children and family well-being in developing countries
  32. Does the child-free movement have a tangible impact on the demographic situation in the UK?
  33. Has Covid -19 pandemic altered the requirement for labour in the European Union?
  34. Digitalisation and changes in the labour market
  35. The influence of marital status on income
  36. How does marital status impact the labour force structure?

To sum up,

It is agreed that choosing an economics dissertation topic is not easy. The topic has to be relevant in the current time and offers enough scope to research and showcase a student’s skill in writing and presenting ideas. However, once selected, one can rely on the topic to enhance the academic grade.

Author Bio:  Adriana Colin is a lecturer at a UK-reputed university. She also supervises the economics paper writing service offered by an academic assistant in the country. If you need help on Economics dissertation topics, connect with her at

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