Alcoholic Liver Diseases

Alcohol abuse over an extended period of time can lead to alcoholic liver disease. It is a serious and lethal result of excessive alcohol consumption. Over time, chronic alcohol misuse causes good liver tissue to be replaced by scar tissue.

Alcohol is not only deadly but may also result in liver failure, making it one of the leading causes of acute liver injury. Alcoholism can promote ALD and liver damage if consumed excessively (alcohol-related diseases). You can take the treatment from ICU Hospital in Jaipur or from Best Internal Medicine Hospital in Jaipur.

Fatty Liver

Steatosis, another name for the initial stage of ALD, is what it is. The liver illness known as “fatty liver” is quite common and is characterised by an abnormal buildup of fat inside the liver cells. It makes the liver’s correct operation difficult. Early on in their alcohol usage, heavy drinkers typically reach the fatty liver stage. If drinking is stopped, this can be reversed.

Alcoholic liver disease

Alcoholic hepatitis, the second stage of ALD, is characterised by liver inflammation that has a rapid degenerative effect on liver cells. Even though this stage could linger for a few years, if the patient keeps drinking, it will eventually develop to total liver impairment. In extreme circumstances, it may result in potentially fatal consequences such liver cirrhosis and complete liver destruction. The most prevalent symptom at this stage is jaundice, coupled with the following symptoms:



reduced appetite

abdomen sensitivity

Weakness and weary

Loss of weight

Hepatic cirrhosis

The latest and most advanced stage of alcoholic liver disease, liver cirrhosis, involves the persistent scarring of good liver tissue. It is a serious and permanent disorder. In addition to the signs of alcoholic hepatitis, a patient with liver cirrhosis will also have indications of liver failure:

a buildup of fluid in the abdomen

enlarged spleen

Vein bleeding and confusion

What Medical Options Are There For Alcoholic Liver Disease?


The most crucial therapy strategy for persons with alcoholic liver disease is complete abstinence from alcohol. Abstinence from alcohol lowers the likelihood of the liver suffering more harm while also giving it a chance to heal. Patients with ALD should abstain from alcohol entirely in order to improve their prognosis and the histological characteristics of their liver damage. They ought to allow their body time to lower portal pressure and slow the development of cirrhosis. In the end, it aids in enhancing survival at all ALD phases.

Nutritional counselling

Malnutrition is one of the main side effects of ALD, particularly in individuals with alcoholic hepatitis II. Protein-calorie malnutrition is quite common in ALD patients. Any stage of alcoholic liver disease requires a patient to contact a hepatologist and begin nutritional therapy as soon as possible. It can aid in symptom relief and liver improvement in the current state.

Medications (Pharmacological Therapy) (Pharmacological Therapy)

A hepatologist may recommend different treatments and therapies for ALD patients after thoroughly examining the signs and stages of the condition.

Hepatic transplant

In extreme cases of ALD when the liver has ceased working and there is no improvement even after the patient stops drinking, a liver transplant may be the sole choice for therapy. A liver transplant is a distinct option that is only considered if the patient has cirrhosis issues or if previous therapies, such as medicine, have failed to improve their condition. ALD is one of the most frequent reasons for a liver transplant, nevertheless.

If someone with ALD wants to increase their chances of survival, they must fully abstain from alcohol. A person with alcoholic liver disease must alter their way of living in order to live a healthy life.

Only a liver transplant can save a person with advanced ALD-related liver failure. Therefore, it’s crucial to stop drinking alcohol totally starting today. For additional information, you can also go to the hospital that offers the finest liver transplant in India.

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