The metal alloy in your wedding band should match the metal used in your engagement rings. For example, if your engagement ring is 14K gold and your wedding ring is 18K gold, the engagement ring metal would be harder and wear down the metal in your wedding band more quickly. You want to ensure equal durability so that one ring doesn’t beat up the other, though you can mix the color of the gold used so long as the karat stays the same.

Yellow gold wedding bands

On its own, 24K gold is very soft and not typically used for jewelry. However, if your ring is gold, it’s likely 14K gold or 18k women’s wedding bands, meaning that the pure gold has been mixed with other stronger metals to create an alloy; 18K contains more gold, but 14K is more durable because of its higher alloy content.

White gold wedding bands

Despite how it looks in the store, most white gold isn’t white. Like its yellow sibling, white gold is an alloy that contains pure 24K gold. As a result, white gold has a bit of a “yellow” tint. The pure white color that we love is achieved with rhodium plated onto the gold, giving it the look of platinum without the expense. 

Platinum wedding bands

While most of our brides love the look of platinum, very few have a platinum engagement ring and wedding band. It is because platinum is very rare and strong, making it very expensive. In addition, platinum is slightly harder than pure iron and is an excellent choice for people with skin sensitivities.

Why choose platinum for your engagement ring

An engagement ring is more than just a ring. It’s the first step in the future you’ve always dreamed of with the person you plan to love forever. When choosing an engagement ring, you want to pick the best piece that will age beautifully and represent your love for them.

That’s why when you start to shop around for the perfect ring, you should consider a platinum engagement ring. Platinum is a precious metal durable enough to last a lifetime’s worth of love while maintaining a beautiful look and appearance.

Strength and Durability

It’s no secret that platinum is a tough metal valued for its longevity. It has the third highest density of all of the elements. Platinum is a significantly stronger metal than gold and can maintain its look and feel without thinning from everyday wear. A platinum engagement ring was designed to withstand a lifetime of usage and be passed down for generations.

Platinum’s natural white color will remain white forever.

The beauty of platinum engagement rings is that the naturally elegant white color comes naturally to this new metal, unlike gold which is colored to get the same look and feel platinum already provides. One of the best parts about a platinum engagement ring is that the natural white color will keep its same look for generations to come. 

Its pure white color will make your diamonds look their best

Not only will your platinum engagement ring remain white forever, but it will also provide a classic yet elegant finish to platinum diamond engagement rings. When platinum ages, it turns into a color called “patina”. Patina is a celebrated look and texture that allows your engagement ring to age more beautifully than a white gold engagement ring. 

Regarding jewelry, engagement rings reign supreme with their sparkly diamonds and colorful gemstones but remember your wedding band. After all, this is the piece that truly transforms your relationship and your life; a classic and timeless piece that symbolizes your commitment and that you’ll likely wear every day for the rest of your life.

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