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The iPhone is a secure device, but in rare cases unsuspecting users didn’t realize that their smartphone had been hacked in some way. To do this, most of the time the hacker had to have physical access to the device, but malicious software can be installed faster than you can imagine. However, if the iPhone is jailbroken, physical access to the device is not always necessary to install malicious code. From today, an application is available on the App Store that allows you to find out if an iPhone has been hacked or not.

See on the app store System and Security Info lets you find out if an iPhone has been hacked in any way, as this practice is unlikely to be discovered by the average user. All the info shown by the app is focused on security, since it is able to check the nerve centers of the operating system. The application is able to understand if the Jailbreak has been carried out, if other violations have been carried out, all indicated in red, and if malware has been installed. Additionally, the app also displays other general information about memory and other aspects of the system.

If red alerts appear and you don’t know what to do, the advice is to contact Apple support immediately.

System and Security Info is available on the App Store for €0.99 .

How to view photos on iPhone in full quality

All the solutions to have the highest quality for photos on iOS.

Does the Photos app on the iPhone display low-resolution images? Here’s how to fix the problem and view iCloud Photos in full quality.

How photo library sync to iCloud works

If you’re an iCloud user, chances are you’ve turned on iPhone Photo Library syncing across all your devices and iCloud (web). Unfortunately, to ensure the least possible impact on the physical storage of your devices, iCloud compresses the images and shows you low-quality previews.

From the point of view of optimizing the available storage , this solution appears to be the most convenient: just think of the hundreds or thousands of high-resolution photos that quickly occupy the 128GB or 256GB of an iPhone. Low-quality previews, on the other hand, manage to maintain an excellent balance between visual experience and memory consumption. However, it is possible that, after consulting some photos in the library, you realize that you need more resolution.

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