Types Of Compactors

Compactors are heavy machinery used in the construction industry for compacting soil. These machines can be seen on various construction sites. It is basically a mechanical device that is built within a frame with single or multiple rotating rollers. The rollers move from one corner of the frame to the other corner at a certain speed to compact material on the ground. There are different types of compactors however, not everyone knows their uses of them. 

On the construction site, you will see three basic categories of compactors including rammers, plates, and rollers. All of them have different capacities of putting forces to the ground. Generally, rammers and plates put less force on the ground whereas the roller can work on a wide area and may push more force than other types.

This article will give you an overview of different types of compactors for sale in the construction industry and what are their uses.

Power rammer compactor

When you visit the equipment dealer for the new or used compactors for sale, make sure you analyze your job requirement first. The power rammer may fit your job requirement however it is a small and hand-operated compactor. This tiny compactor work on the static force of a physical impact. If you need to compact a small area of land, you may get this power rammer also known as a trench rammer. 

The compact size and light weight of this compactor allow you to work freely under hard access areas like in ditches and trenches. Whereas, this compactor is not suitable for dense material compaction that needs massive force. 

Vibratory Tamper

This is a plate type of compactor that works with the help of a small spring-operated base plate. These spring plates produce vibrations which help in compacting and pressing the soil. They are comparatively better than the power rammer but not as powerful as the large vibrating plate compactors.

Self-propelled roller

This is a type of roller compactor, also known as the pedestrian, hand-guided, or walk-behind roller. They can reach up to the maximum width of 2 feet. They are also best for smaller projects and require less energy to operate.

Single drum vibratory roller

They are the larger roller type of compactors. They are best for large projects that need compaction over a wider area. The vibratory roller drum attached to its front side helps in compacting the soil efficiently. The machine is designed in a way that a large drum is attached in front of it while at the back of the machine 2 wheels are mounted to help in moving over the surface.

Static roller compactor

These compactors for sale are in-demand machines for larger projects because they provide static compaction to rough surfaces instead of vibratory compaction. The machine has two or three drums attached at the front and the back of it. They provide maximum compaction underneath the ground due to the larger drums.

Pneumatic roller compactors

Among many used compactors for sale, you will find two different types of pneumatic roller compactors. One is a multi-tire and the other is a heavy pneumatic roller compactor. They provide maximum compaction over the thin surface area due to their gigantic size and power. You can easily compress the finer slit on the ground even the deeper layer of the area. 


Compactors are powerful machines used for compacting soil. It can be operated manually or with the help of hydraulic cylinders. They come in different variations. It’s important to understand which is right for your project before investing in expensive machinery. This article will give you an insight into different types of compactors and their uses.

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