Who has not heard of excavators? It is one of the most common and sought-after machines in the construction industry. Its working flexibility makes it capable of all-in-one machines for the sites. They are best at excavating the ground, clearing the land, and carrying a whole lot of debris and other materials on the site. The different types of attachment are also available to expand their working capacities. All you need to do is analyze and choose the right one for your job so that you can make the most out of them. 

In this article, we are giving you a detailed list of different types of excavators and their uses. This piece of writing will help you understand the working capacities of the excavators and will help you to choose the right one for your next construction project.

  1. Crawler Excavators

The crawler excavators run on the tracks instead of the wheels. They are the best for hard and heavy-duty jobs like excavating tasks in mining construction sites. However, it is common that many equipment dealers keep wheel excavator for sale in USA the because the crawler excavators need more maintenance than the others. 

The crawler excavators use hydraulic power for lifting the weight and are also known as compact excavators. On rough terrain sites like mining areas, the crawler excavators provide more stability than the other machines. They also help in excavating the ground deeper as per the requirement. However, they do not run at speed like others. Comparatively, they are slower ones but it does not matter on rough terrain surfaces.

  1. Wheel Excavator

Unlike the crawler excavator, this excavator runs on wheels and can move freely on the smooth surface as well. Although, they look similar to the crawler excavator in size. The crawler and the wheel excavators are interchangeable, you can upgrade them as per the surface requirement of the site. But it may take a little extra cost so it is better to rent the equipment. You cannot run the wheel excavator on an uneven surface because it provides very less stability and can trip over the surface. However, you can increase the working capacities of a wheel excavator by adding different outriggers and attachments. 

  1. Dragline excavators

This excavator is quite different in design. It utilizes a hoist rope system that is attached to a bucket with the help of a hoist coupler. This hoist rope helps the bucket to lower and raise as per the requirement. The larger-scale civil engineering project like bride building and canal dreading commonly use this excavator and it can be assembled on-site as well. They are the perfect fit for building bridges over the canal and river as they are ideal for working underwater excavation. Unlike that, they cannot perform well in smaller construction projects so you should need to spend money if you are going to carry the smaller construction projects.

  1. Skid steer excavators

Differing from the other common excavators, the skid steer excavators have booms and buckets.  These two attachments can reach over the cab and provide more reach to the hard access areas. You can also move this equipment to the tricky turns. 

If you need to dig the pool, clean the site and remove debris from the land you can always rely on it. But never use them on uneven and slippery surfaces as they can slip or trip over and cause accidents. 


Excavators are available in different types that can help in a variety of jobs including excavation, land clearing, digging, and carrying the loads. You will find many models of track and wheel excavator for sale in USA. You can read this article to find more types of them and can choose the right one for your next construction project.

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