Travelling to the UK is undoubtedly a fun thing to do, and visiting Newcastle city is one of the activities you must put on your list while planning to explore the UK. Whether you are travelling for fun, studying, or maybe even working, you can always find Casita helping you find the perfect student accommodation in Newcastle

Newcastle is such a vibrant city, full of attractions, monuments to visit, and activities to do. This makes it an excellent place to study and live, especially with its numerous top-ranked universities and educational institutes. 

But what else distinguishes Newcastle as a city? Here are some fun facts about Newcastle that we know you’ll enjoy!

Mr Bean Was Born in Newcastle!

The famous actor Rowan Atkinson, one of England’s most popular, talented, and lovely comedians, who played a character we all love, Mr Bean, has his roots in Newcastle.  Rowan Atkinson was born in Consett in 1955. Also, he went on to study at Newcastle University. You wouldn’t think such a great city would produce the crafty Edmund Blackadder or the villainous Mr Bean, but it did!

Don’t Forget Your Jumper!

You are in the coldest city in England. Given its position, this is not surprising, but it implies that you are less likely to be wet than in other places like London. Newcastle is cold. So, you better be prepared and pack up some jackets and sweaters. 

Newcastle: A City of Bridges

Yes, it is correct. In Newcastle, seven bridges cross the river in less than a mile. Therefore, crossing the river to Gateshead is not a concern. When residents and visitors depart their flats in Newcastle, they may access these architectural accomplishments that highlight the city.

Get Carter Was Filmed in Newcastle

One of the greatest British films, Get Carter, was filmed in the city. The film is one of Michael Caine’s most recognisable films and is considered a pretty violent film for its day. Get Carter brilliantly captured Newcastle’s colour and richness on the big screen. Locals and residents are undoubtedly proud that their city has such a contribution to the history of cinema.

The First Covered Train Station in The World!

Newcastle Central Station had the first covered train station in the world. This little fact highlights the technological advancements made in the city even more. This was one of the many milestones in developing a mode of transportation that changed the world right after the Industrial Revolution. 

The City Has One of The UK’s Oldest Football Stadiums

One of the UK’s oldest football stadiums, St James Park, is in Newcastle. Fans of Newcastle United are seated in one of the oldest football stadiums. So remember that you are cheering in a piece of history the next time you go there, for a home or away game.

The First lit street was in Newcastle

The first street in the UK to have electric lighting was Mosley Street in Newcastle. Joseph Swan’s incandescent lamp in 1879 provided lighting for Mosley Street for one evening. Between 1860 and 1880, Thomas Edison and Joseph Swan each independently developed lightbulb models. Swan’s patent was affirmed in court following an argument about who invented the lightbulb first. Later, they teamed up to establish Ediswan, an electric light company.

The Most Friendly British Accent: The Geordie Accent 

Did you know that there are actually up to 40 unique dialects spoken in the UK? Each dialect has its own distinctive accent and varying word structures and spellings. There is almost one accent present in each county. Some of these accents can sound very bizarre to non-natives. However the accent has been voted one of the most friendly accents in Britain. 

These were some fun facts about the city. Note that Newcastle is a great destination for you to begin your studies, as it is home to several top-ranked universities. Also, it has a huge international student community. 

Due to the city’s rich history and cultural heritage, students can discover many new things and gain knowledge outside their universities. The city’s lively atmosphere, active nightlife, and decent inhabitants make it a friendly and welcoming place for visitors from throughout the world. If you want to secure your student accommodation in Newcastle, just reach out!

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