How to Get a Disability Care Award

Disability Care Award

A Disability Care Award is presented to a person or business who provides disability services for disabled people. This includes services that help disabled people to be active in their communities, improve accessibility or provide an example of how to create an inclusive workplace for people with disabilities.

All members of the community are eligible to nominate.

You could nominate someone who has made a difference in the lives of people living with disabilities. There are many kinds of disability-related awards and all members of society can nominate them.

To submit your nominations, use the form located at the top of the page. The shortlist is reviewed and decided upon. If you are selected, we will contact you to set up an interview with a panel.

There are many awards that honor businesses as well as organizations that have done outstanding work in promoting inclusion. These awards include Business Awards for companies that have improved opportunities for people with disabilities, as well as an Accessible Housing Award to property builders, developers or other professionals in the building industry who have developed accessible private homes for people living with disabilities.

Another type of award is a Social Inclusion Award for schools and community organizations that have made a conscious effort to increase the inclusion and participation of people with disabilities alongside other students or members of community groups. This might be a child with autism who is involved in an mainstream class or a local organization that has adapted its project to include and include a person with disabilities such as learning disabilities, or an employer who hires people with disabilities by adapting the job or workplace as needed.

We also provide an AHEAD Partner Recognition Award to individuals and groups external to AHEAD membership who directly or indirectly to support campus programs for students with disabilities. They could be leaders in government, professional groups, or even campus departments.

The Physical Activity for Disability Services Award recognizes outstanding national providers of disability services who demonstrate a strong commitment to enhancing physical exercise and active lifestyles for their customers across the nation. This could be done through outdoor activities such as online classes, video calls or other ways to assist people with disabilities to stay active in their daily disability services

A committee examines nominations.

Getting an Award is an important method of recognizing your hard work and achievements in disability care. A committee evaluates nominations to determine the people who deserve to be recognized.

Nominations should reflect the diversity of UB. This includes, but not only, gender, race, ethnicity and disabilities, veteran status. The awards committee is open to suggestions from students, faculty, and staff who have worked closely with the nominee.

All nominations for Disability Care Award must be sent directly to the Student Disability Services Director (SDS) or Division of Student Life Staff. Nominations will be reviewed by a committee comprised of SDS staff and Division of Student Life staff. The nominees will be honored during the spring semester’s SDS Awards Banquet & Induction Ceremony.

This award is intended to recognize those who have created and practiced an environment of accessibility at their university. This could involve the implementation or adoption of innovative methods to make accessibility accessible that go above and beyond the accommodation provided. All campus departments are eligible to nominate, however, they should specifically the academic department or the Office of the President.

We will also look at those who have had an impact positively on their community or institution which is based on equity and inclusion. This includes, but isn’t restricted to initiatives to promote diversity, anti-racism strategies and the use of inclusive language.

We are particularly interested in recommending individuals who have gone above and beyond to help students with disabilities. This could include everything from providing support for students with disabilities during study halls to creating inclusive courses. We also welcome nominations from employees who have been an inspirational role model and mentor to students with disabilities and those who have taken the initiative to integrate a diverse community within their campus communities.

The UCSF Diversity Award is given to three individuals each year–one faculty, one staff and one student/resident/postdoctoral scholar–who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and service in furthering the goal of enhancing accessibility of the physical, social, educational, clinical, administrative and virtual environment while promoting accommodation and full inclusion of people with disabilities within the UCSF community, beyond the scope of their job, area of research or training.

Nominations for Disability Care Award are evaluated based on the following criteria.

The ASA awards committee reviews every nomination and chooses the winner. If your nomination is for an individual book, book, or service award, it is essential to understand the criteria used to evaluate each submission. Your campaign award entry should have clear goals, a unique and effective implementation, as well as tangible results.

In certain situations it might be necessary to provide a letter or other documentation to demonstrate why the work of the nominee is eligible for the award. This is a great way to answer the judges with questions and give your submission the best chance at winning an award.

All nominations must be made by March 31, 2023 to the responsible member of the committee. The nominations must include a pdf of the piece nominated as well as an introductory letter of nomination that clearly outlines the nomination and the reasons why it is worthy of consideration.

Papers that have been published or under review or accepted for publication in the past two years are eligible for consideration. Self-nominations are also welcome.

A maximum of three papers may be submitted in any one year (e.g. If no paper has been submitted in 2021, then only two can be considered for the 2022 award). * Co-authored work is permitted provided that all authors are students, and the student is also the primary author.

  • Papers do not have to be submitted to ASA meetings in order to be considered. However they must be submitted to a journal by a graduate student. Additionally, the author of the application must be an undergraduate at the date of publication.

This award honors the contributions of a scholarly underrepresented segment in the field of sociology. It is awarded to papers written by Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC) or those who are who are not tenured, and those who work at the intersections of these groups.

Nominations must be received before March 31st, and are subject to the approval of the ASA. The winner of the award will receive a modest monetary prize. Nominations are welcomed from all members of the Section and the ASA Self-nominations are especially encouraged.

Nominations are accepted throughout the year.

Nominations for Disability Care Award are accepted all through the year for a variety of disability care awards. Nominations can be made by the ASA Board of Directors or the members of the Association.

In the academic year, Sections of the ASA honor individuals for their contributions to their respective fields. In addition to this, there are numerous other disability-related award programs which are open to both ASA and non-ASA members.

The ASA Medical Sociology Section annually recognizes outstanding dissertations in medical sociology. The recipient receives an award for travel to the annual meeting of the ASA. This award is open to self-nomination.

In the same year, the Section also recognizes a published paper or book that is the top article written or co-authored by an ASA member who has made (or will create) an impact on the discipline. The recipient of this award receives an award for travel to the ASA conference in Philadelphia.

The Social Work and Human Development Section also recognizes social work professionals who have demonstrated their excellence in the teaching of students with disabilities and/or other marginalized groups. The award recipient is eligible for a travel award to attend the ASA annual conference in 2023.

The Section’s Employee and Employer of the Year Awards recognize individuals and companies that show the commitment to provide employment opportunities for people living with disabilities. The Awards are open to federal employees, military employees, and employees at a small or large commercial business that has partnered with a SourceAmerica-affiliated nonprofit agency to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Direct Support Professionals are a vital part of the disability community, offering high-quality support to people with disabilities and their families. DSPs are often at the forefront of providing outstanding care and making sure that there is safety, inclusion and inclusion in their communities.

The ANCOR DSP Of the Year program honors a DSP in each state who has demonstrated outstanding devotion and compassion to the people they serve. Each winner receives a $1,000 award and is celebrated during DSP Week, September 11-17, 2022.

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