Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Double wall cardboard boxes are made with two layers of cardboard. This structure makes the walls strong enough. When compared to single-wall boxes, double-wall boxes have twice as much material. They can sustain up to 25kg of weight. So, the double wall can handle heavy, fragile things that need storage for a long time. These Custom boxes are durable and sturdy to prevent any damage. You can use them for storing or transferring goods safely. The double wall gives your products more protection. So, you have to pay a little more for this extra material and added protection. 

Whether it is home appliances, furniture or any other retail product, protection is the priority while making their packaging boxes. The same thing goes with other delicate or heavy products. You need to use double wall cardboard boxes to meet the protection requirement. Not just the safety, you can use them for branding as well. Moreover, they are easy to mould in any shape and size. Here are some of the benefits of using these boxes for your products.

High-Grade Protection with Double Wall Cardboard Boxes     

The double wall cardboard boxes have two layers of corrugated cardboard and thick brown paper on each side. They are a reliable solution for heavy-duty packaging needs. The extra layer of cardboard gives it more strength. So such boxes can store and transport goods that are heavier and need to be handled more carefully. Depending on what is needed, the double-wall corrugated shipping boxes can be made with different coatings, glues, and treatments. In this way, they don’t catch fire.

Strong, reinforced sides make this a reliable and sturdy container for heavy items. This makes it ideal for industrial settings where handling heavy loads is a daily task. These cardboard boxes are the safest way to ensure that goods are well-protected during loading and unloading. They are hard enough to bear the pressure and the bumps during placement. This allows you to keep your products safe and protected.

Long Lasting Packaging Solution

Double wall cardboard boxes wholesale are ideal if you are looking for durable packaging solution. Compared to single-walled boxes, double walls make them long-lasting. You can have them for products that have an expiry of decades. The two layers of corrugated cardboard are strong. So, even if the boxes are thrown around in the back of a truck, they will keep their shape. This means that custom packaging lasts longer overall.

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Perfect for Storage

Custom double wall cardboard boxes are a great storage option for heavy products. They are perfect for such products that need to be stored for a longer period of time. Sometimes, you have to store goods in the warehouse until there are in demand. These boxes are also great for storing products safely in a warehouse while waiting to be sold. Their walls protect the inside protects from getting moisture and dust. Because of these features, these boxes are in use in retail stores and factories. In short, they offer more insulation and protection against temperature changes that happen quickly or aren’t stable.

Ideal for Transportation

Shipping boxes with two walls can hold up to 20 kilograms of weight. The double walls provide padding that protects fragile items from quick movements. They provide protection against damage during long-distance shipping, handling, and transport. Also, the boxes keep the goods safe from bumps that could ruin them or make them less good. Moreover, you can change the thickness to fit any product that needs shipment. Thus, they are ideal for the transportation of heavy items.

Wide Application of Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

You can have these boxes for a variety of things in multiple industries. Mostly heavy-weight products use them as they can hold them easily. You can get them for home appliances, furniture, decorative pieces and a lot more. Furthermore, heavy equipment, tools, machinery and automotive component manufacturers also use them to transfer their products. Heavier items require more planning and management. Thus, these custom boxes make it easy to pack, ship, and store things when needed.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Option

These boxes are the right choice if you are looking for eco-friendly yet strong packaging. Cardboard is used to make these boxes, which makes them easy to break down. You can also reuse the material to make boxes or rolls of paper. Most companies take the used boxes back and recycle the materials to make more boxes. People also use these eco-friendly packaging in their homes for many things, like storing tools or other equipment. 

Easy Printing

Printed double wall custom boxes can fit any client’s needs. They let you create a unique identity. There are also different ways to print on the boxes. Easy printing allows you to highlight your brand name and other necessary details. You can also add important information about the product, like instructions. This will further add security to the inside product as people will handle the fragile product with care. 

Double wall cardboard boxes are great for products with a weight in tones. Their strong walls are hard and thick enough. You can have them for storing and transporting goods with proper care. With easy printing, you can add important information along with the brand name and company’s s identity. Moreover, you can modify these boxes according to the requirements of your product. They can take any shape and hold it even under pressure. 

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