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Tom Misner’s life story reveals that he has spent forty years as a particularly well-known personality in the music world. As an architect and manager, he made an outstanding contribution to the profession. He might work in both the business and education sectors. Tom Misner is a musician with years of expertise who also works as an architect, musician, educator, as well as businessman. He is also the creator and prominent member of the SAE Research center. This is one of the largest or most cutting-edge providers of digital production education throughout the world, which has transformed the classroom experience for those who create audio, visual, and photographic editorial content across more than 27 countries. Keep reading on to get more interesting information about Tom Misner and his personal life.

How Old Is Tom Misner?

Yugoslavia is the place of birth of Tom Misner, where he was born in the year 1955. In 1969, he and his mother moved to Australia. Misner, a youngster at the time, discovered a passion for singing and became enthralled by the complex arrangements of his popular tunes. Misner stopped attending high school at the age of sixteen since his curiosity won’t stretch to his scholastic achievements. His age as of 2022 is 67.

Private Life

In 1972, he began dating Kathy Falls, with whom he eventually got married and had two kids. He and his wife had an agreement with a cleaning company, and they are working for them up until 1976. They also have a beautiful daughter named Yasmin and a son named Robert, best known by his stage name Bobby Misner, who was born in Australia on May 6, 1995. His son Bobby gained notoriety after the movie “LIFE of a BILLIONAIRE’S SON” became extremely popular on social media. Bobby has also modeled for numerous companies and has gathered a respectable amount of expertise.


Misner, who turns 66 in 2022, was raised in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, in 1955. When he turned 14 years old in 1969, he and his mother, Inge, moved to Australia. His enormous enterprise was the result of his mother, a prosperous caterer. Misner left high school when he was fifteen years old.

What’s The Name Of Tom Misner’s Wife?

In Sydney, Misner first dated and later wed Kathy Falls, and the couple established their business on the side. Before getting a divorce, the couple had two kids together. His children moved in with their mother as Misner expanded the SAE membership. Misner’s family did not always have money, and he was raised on a meager salary. Despite frequently showing up at gatherings with a stunning younger woman on his arm, he didn’t get married again after splitting from Kathy. However, Bobby Misner, his son, is well-known. He is a YouTuber celebrity who uses the platform to display great singing talents.

Bobby Misner (Tom Misner’s Son)

Bobby was born and nurtured in Australia, by a single mother. But when he learned that his industrialist dad, Tom Misner had created the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) Academy at the age of 15, he came to America to live with him. Before traveling to Los Angeles to continue his professional life, he was first sent out to Germany to visit a prominent university. He previously dated Love Island’s Charlie. Yasmin is his only split.

Current Net Worth Of Tom Misner

Tom Misner

$400 million is Tom Misner’s estimated net worth. He only owns land in Australia, which is worth $60 million. Tom was able to continue working on his studio 301 since he was so wealthy after trading SAE Company. The multibillionaire entrepreneur is the owner of enormous riches and real estate across the globe. He has developed numerous residences and establishments bearing his name and makes a sizable income each year.

SAE Institute

Tom Misner founded SAE in 1976 in Sydney by transforming a tiny advertisement office into a lecture hall. Colleges and universities were developed in Sydney, Townsville, Pretoria, and Canberra during the following 6 years. Midway through the 1980s, SAE finally opened universities overseas, including ones in Paris, Hannover, Berlin, etc. Additionally, SAE purchased QANTM, an Australian production, media, and training company, and moved QANTM’s main office to Littlemore Park in Oxford and its capital to Byron Bay in Australia. A publicly held efficient education firm, Navitas, purchased the SAE Academy in 2010. New locations were inaugurated in Jakarta, Moskto, and Romania over the next few years. In 2011, Navitas began acquiring US universities, and in 2014, it fired over 40 US workers. SAE Academy successfully survived an examination for academic monitoring through the Quality Assurance Agency for Postsecondary Education.


Tom wrote songs and desired to get skills in business administration. The largest and most prosperous company in the world that offers interactive media instruction was founded as a result of his enthusiasm. SAE Academy was its name. This was a ground-breaking institution that transformed the field of visual, auditory, and audiovisual education.

In the field of experimental learning, he has made outstanding contributions. Additionally, he received a Ph.D. from London University in January 2001 in recognition of his outstanding contributions. As a supporter and investor in business-oriented artists for the past 20 years, he has supported business-oriented artists.

Upon selling SAE in 2011, he sold his private investment in that company. After reacquiring Studios 301, he carried out this action. The Australian and international musical industries could count on this organization to continue offering the finest support possible. As a technician, singer, and artist, he has worked on more than 100+ recordings. He worked with Jochen Veith to create the auditory layout of Studios 301. This is among the most differentiating features ever built.


Tom Misner is most known for his work in international education. His contributions to education were recognized with an honorary doctorate from Middlesex University in 2001. The acquisition and restructuring of Companies 301 in the late 1990s and his 2005 rescuing of AMS Neve are just two examples of his numerous, well-recognized accomplishments.

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  • What source of income did Tom Misner have? 

He constructs recording production companies using the real estate he holds. He constructs buildings with affordable sound systems because he is the largest global individual buyer of audio stuff.

  • What was the price of SAE Company?

Tom Misner sold the SAE Company in 2010. He traded this company for $300 million. His life was “forever changed” once his son relocated him to a European country.

  • How tall and how heavy is Tom Misner?

He is a large man, measuring approximately 1.2 meters tall and carrying a weight of about 76 kilograms.

  • Is Tom Misner a lawyer?

In addition to being a wealthy businessman who dabbles in audio, Misner is an accomplished musician. His experience in the field spans 30 years as an engineer, producer, and studio designer.