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Satisfying a sweet tooth is not much of a problem if we have a cupcake boxes. But only if it’s fresh and tasty. And to keep it fresh sellers are using the perfect cupcake box.  

Nothing brings more joy than a cupcake. Its fluffy and colourful icing brings colour to our life. Not to mention how we could satisfy our sweet tooth with a cupcake. But have you ever wondered how a presentation makes a big difference? We purchase a cake because it serves the looks. In the same manner, we buy clothes that seem suitable for us. But no matter what products are being sold, the packaging is playing a crucial role. If the box seems boring, we might not purchase the items. But now the question is does packaging affect our cupcake sales? Well, the short answer is yes.

No matter how you decorate your cupcakes, the same way you also need to decorate your box. Increase the product worth with the packaging and impress the customers. Whenever we use a unique and attractive box, we can easily attract more customers. And hence a box can also be used as a marketing tool. For now, let us discuss ten ways to make your cupcake boxes more elegant and professional.

Make your product visible through packaging:

If you wish to showcase your product, then use a window box. These packaging boxes are being manufactured in a different style. 

Customize them with printing techniques:

Customizing a box is not easy if you do not know how you want to showcase your product. So always have a rough sketch in your mind about your packaging. And then customize cupcake boxes with various modern techniques.

Use a soothing colour palette:

Colours are used to communicate. For example, we use red to indicate some danger. Meanwhile, in the food industry, red is used to attract people. And that is why many food chains use a logo customized with primary colours. Now the question is, what colour palette should we use for customizing our cupcake box packaging? There is no straightforward answer to this question. It depends on the sellers and the product they are selling. If you want a more elegant vibe, then use soothing colours. But for a funky vibe, use a more prominent colour palette.

Minimize the packaging:

What does it mean when we say that we should minimize our packaging? It does not only refer to the material one uses to manufacture the box. It also means that we should lessen the cost, of machinery, and energy. Always customize your boxes elegantly by printing the brand identity. 

Use paper inserts:

Custom inserts are manufactured with different materials. What material we use to manufacture them depends on the product we are selling. For example, for a luxurious and fancy product, we use a foam insert. Meanwhile, for products like macarons and doughnuts, we can use paper inserts.

Use an organic box:

Using non-organic packaging for a food item is a mistake that no one should make. It does not only affect the product sale. But it also imposes a negative impression on the brand. Meanwhile, an organic box supplies many facilities that a plastic container cannot provide. For example, we could assemble a cardboard box on the go. In this way, we could save space. 

Add a handle to the box:

These days packaging is not only about securing the product. It is also about impressing the customers by using unique strategies. And that is why packaging is being modified. Now the question is, what innovation could we bring in our cupcake boxes wholesale? How about adding a handle that allows customers to carry the product with ease? To make your boxes even more appealing, you can also add a window. In this way, you can showcase your delicious product to attract new customers.

Laminate the boxes:

Lamination refers to the process of overlapping the packaging with thin plastic film. Lamination allows us to enhance the appearance of our packaging. And also to secure the item from dust or contamination. 

Imprint the brand logo and slogan:

The importance of a logo on the box cannot be overlooked. We always have to imprint it and make sure that it is visible enough. And after that, we could make the customer purchase our product. Have you ever noticed that when we examine a product, we first notice the logo? If the trademark is of low quality or does not look promising, we feel hesitant. But, on the other hand, if the logo is of high quality, we purchase it right away. And that is the reason why many brands only imprint the box with the logo. They do not print any texture, design, or pattern. And you can also do the same for your cupcake packages. Keep them simple and still make them look promising.

Imprint crucial info on the box:

What info to imprint on the box? It is always a difficult question to answer. Each product is different and has unique features. And thus, the data we need to print on the box also varies from product to product. Now, if we are talking about cupcakes, then consider printing the following factors on your box:

● Imprint the brand logo and slogan.

● Use fun and visible font.

● Do not make your packaging boring, and use a colourful palette.

● Imprint the ingredients used to manufacture the box.

● Imprint the manufacturer’s address and contact information.

● Tell whether the product is homemade or not.

● Also, tell the customer to which date the product would be good to eat.

Now use these ten tips and tricks to make your cupcake boxes more elegant and professional.

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