Buying A Studio Apartment

Are you a content creator looking for a studio apartment? 

Are you confused about whether to buy or rent it? 

The concept of buying a studio apartments is rising in India. Couples, young professionals, and students are preferring to live in a studio apartment rather than a normal flat because it’s easy to maintain and affordable. Another reason behind this rising number is that more and more people are turning into content creators. Thus they need a separate place to set up their equipment and shoot videos. 

This concept of a studio apartment is new in India but has gained popularity these days. Most people get confused between 1 BHK apartment and a studio apartment. The studio apartment is one large room with a bathroom and kitchen built in an area of 200 to 550 square feet. They are quite flexible, simple and have everything in just one unit. Thus you have to designate a corner as a living room and another as your bedroom. 

Not everyone but mostly millennials and the Gen-Z generation are preferring to buy a studio apartment. Thus studio apartments are also termed efficiency apartments or bachelor’s apartments. 

If you are stuck between whether to buy a studio apartment in Greater Noida or rent it, keep reading this article as we have discussed a few reasons which will help you in making an informed decision. 

What do you mean by a studio flat?

A studio flat is a space where there isn’t a designated space for a bedroom, dining room or living room. You get a large space which you have to customize according to your needs into separate spaces. It encompasses everything in just one large unit.

Reasons to invest in a studio apartment

Here are the reasons why you should buy a studio apartment:

High returns

According to real estate experts buying a studio apartment in a good neighborhood area as they have higher returns with time than a bigger apartment. Also, you get a great rental value if you choose to rent your studio apartment to someone. As per data, the rental returns via studio apartment is 2% more than the bigger 1 BHK or 2 BHK apartments. Moreover, it is easy to resell because more and more people are shifting to metro cities for work and thus the demand for studio apartments is not going to decrease. 

Lower capital investment

When compared with other residential properties, a studio apartment is a more affordable choice. In cities like Delhi, Noida or NCR regions, you can easily get a studio apartment for 8 to 10 lakhs. This means that you need to make a down payment of Rs. 1.5 lakh and the remaining amount can be paid as a monthly EMI. Apart from the low price, studio apartments require less expenditure and are thus cost-effective. You can contact a real estate company in Noida to learn about the prices of studio apartments. 

Low expenditure on maintenance

The common concern for most people is to bear the cost of repair and maintenance. However, with a studio apartment, you don’t have to worry about it as it requires very less maintenance. This is because only a few accessories and equipment are needed for its maintenance. Thus serving as the best options for people who have a busy lifestyle. 

Lesser utility cost

The studio apartment is a single large space which reduces the expenditure on electricity bill and water. Moreover, the furnishing and interior designing are way easier and more affordable in studio apartments as compared to conventional 1 BHK apartments. 

Wrap up-

If you are looking for a space to start your remote agency, content creation space or for investment purposes buying a studio apartment is a great idea as it ensures you a higher return in the future. Even young adults can invest in a studio apartment because it requires less EMI and down payment. Moreover, if you are not going to use it for your purpose then you can rent it out to someone and earn a great side income. Also, you don’t have to spend much on its maintenance. 

The best location to buy a studio apartment is in metro cities near an IT hub or commercial center. You can contact a real estate company in Noida to learn about the apartments available there. Such locations are more in demand by working couples and young corporate employees. 
If you are looking for a studio apartment in Greater Noida then you can contact Paramount Group to get a hold of some of the best residential properties.

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