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Creating a Minecraft server is only half the task, but attracting players to your server is the next challenge. And this will determine whether your server is a success or lags behind. But how can we do it? Advertising Minecraft servers online is one of the most important things to learn, but if you don’t know how, you can simply follow these tips.

Minecraft Servers List in forums

Forums are one of the best free promotion options for brand-new Minecraft servers. Your forum thread is your chance to persuade potential gamers to join by showcasing your server’s benefits. Detailed instructions on how to join should also be included in the thread (Is there a safelist? How is the player added to the safelist? What is the IP? your website’s URL, useful info on RLCraft Servers or any other server you own, and a few screenshots are all requested.)

Reddit post

You can also promote your server for free on Reddit. We suggest creating a post here with the same details as your forum post (i.e., how to join, features, screenshots, and link to your website). To prevent the moderators from deleting your post, abide by Reddit’s rules. The sidebar contains the rules.

In contrast to forums, posts on Reddit eventually disappear due to aging. The post won’t “bounce” to the top of the page in response to new comments. As a result, you can periodically re-post to ensure it is seen.

List in Minecraft server listing platforms

Listing in a modded Minecraft server listing website is one of the best ways through which you can improve traffic to your server. 

These server listing websites are one of the most popular types of Minecraft listing platforms where daily thousands of people visit daily to find a new Minecraft server. So, the traffic these websites receive is of the highest quality as people search for the right server to play on.

By listing on these websites, you are putting your server in a discoverable place where people can find it and download the server.

Paid Ads

It’s crucial to market directly to your audience with all forms of advertising, especially if you’re paying for it. For example, you can target potential gamers using several services, including Facebook and YouTube. 

Targeting a very distinct population with Facebook ads can cost as little as $1 per day (for example, only Minecraft players in a certain age group or country). However, you run the danger of advertising to individuals who might enjoy Minecraft but aren’t right now.

It is possible to add text or video adverts on relevant videos on YouTube, which is quite popular among Minecraft players. I enjoy this platform since it caters to users that are specifically looking for Minecraft movies right now. You thus aim to recruit current players.

Additionally, you can place advertisements on websites devoted to the game Minecraft, such as this one, and others like the Minecraft Forum and voting top-sites. Most websites offer a “contact” or “advertise” link at the bottom of the page, where you may send the owner a message asking for further details. The cost will depend on how well-known the website is, and it can be simpler to bargain for lower costs with smaller websites.

Tips for retaining a player in Minecraft Servers

  • Configure your Minecraft server (builds, permissions, rankings, stores, and other configurations) to avoid compromising performance and availability.
  • We have a YouTube playlist that includes all the instructions for setting up your own Minecraft server:
  • Make it simpler for people to remember and share your server address using a custom domain or subdomain, such as mymcserver.com. Observe our advice here: A Custom Server IP (Domain or Subdomain) Setup
  • Select a server type or game mode that will offer gamers a distinctive experience.
  • To keep new gamers on your server, invite your friends to play. More is always better!

How to stand out from the crowd?

Surely if you are listing your server or promoting it, other players won’t back out. They will also use the same, if not better, to promote their server, so how will your server stand out against them? Players prefer to play unique games, and there are a few ways through which you can make your server stand out from the rest.

Get sponsored

By sponsoring, your server will be placed on top of the server listing website. So attracting players becomes easy. Surely, to get sponsored, you have to pay a fit amount to list your server. Remember that if you opt for a sponsor, you have to pay the website based on the competition on the server.

Stay active on the game

Activate your staff! This is most likely the most important component in a server’s success. We’ve played on a lot of amazing servers, but as soon as the administrators stopped introducing new content and activities, everyone started to quit! But, of course, you don’t want that to happen, right? So, keep introducing new stuff and event to keep players engaged.

Ask for referrals 

When your gamers invite their friends to the server, you should reward them. This promotes word-of-mouth recruitment, which is important to consider. Just make sure the prizes are sizable enough to make players’ participation worthwhile. After all, the word of mouth marketing is one of the best forms of marketing because here you are not promoting your server, but another person who has played your game is doing it.

Be Unique

Don’t go with what everyone is doing; go with something unique that can make your server known for a unique feature. It could be gameplay, difficult levels, monsters, or terrain. Make it unique, and it will automatically shine differently than the other. Then promote your server, which is a feature through short clips that you can upload on social media.

These are how you can get more players in your modded Minecraft server, get more traffic from this website, and increase traffic on your server. Furthermore, there are ways to answer in Quora and stream live while showing the best parts of your server.

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