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Rosacea therapy has now been added to Nurx’s at-home dermatological services, the industry leader in women’s digital healthcare. By providing a consultation with a Nurx medical specialist, a tailored treatment plan for rosacea, home delivery of medication, and ongoing care, the company expands upon the success of Nurx anti-aging technology, which earlier this year debuted acne and anti-aging treatment services.

Is Rosacea Treatable With A Skin Ointment?

Rosacea, a skin condition that affects the face but can be treated, is frequently confused with acne. Rosacea, which disproportionately affects women and is linked to anxiety and depressive disorders, affects more than 16 million people in the United States. (1) In the US, patients and caregivers with rosacea lose up to $78 million in productivity. (2) This innovative service from Nurx Anti Aging expands access to medical care for the illness by eliminating the need to make an appointment for an in-person doctor visit or wait in line at the pharmacy for medication.

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Modern Retinol, Peptide, and Antioxidant Technology

Nurx Anti Aging immediately had high demand after the launch of its acne treatment programme in March, outpacing projections by thousands of patients in the first month of operation. The medical staff at Nurx found that many patients seeking treatment for acne actually had rosacea, which they mistook for acne.

In spite of a growing demand for their services, dermatologists are hard to come by in the United States. (3) Patients from rural or low-income neighbourhoods have access issues due to the preponderance of dermatologists in wealthy metropolitan areas. In response to a substantial unmet need for easy access to care for skin conditions other than acne, Nurx Anti Aging began offering therapy for sun-related ageing in April, has since added treatment for rosacea, and expects to expand its acne treatment service to minors age 13+ this summer.

The cost of a dermatologist consultation is rather high.

“Dermatology has been out of reach for many owing to a lack of dermatologists or high charges,” says Varsha Rao, CEO of Nurx, “and Nurx Anti Aging can enable access to care for common skin issues, like rosacea, and by shortly extending our acne therapy to encompass youth.” There should be no need for a patient to seek a referral from their primary care physician or make long trips to a dermatologist in order to receive this important care. Skin conditions may have a significant impact on mental and emotional well-being.

What Nurx Side Effects Are There?

Rosacea must be properly diagnosed and treated because if it becomes worse, scarring and permanent skin disfigurement may result. Rosacea is frequently neglected or misdiagnosed in people of colour because redness and other symptoms may be harder to discern on darker skin. Because of this, rosacea in BIPOC is discovered later, which is associated with a more severe course of disease and a higher risk of scarring.

We are aware that many of our current patients have rosacea, and that many people who have the condition haven’t received a proper diagnosis or treatment and may not have access to specialised care, says Jennifer Pea, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Nurx. With the help of the Nurx Anti Aging telehealth technology and the clinical know-how of our provider team, we will be able to give those in need with high-quality, broadly accessible healthcare.

Nurx – Delivering Medicines to Your Door

To receive rosacea treatment with Nurx Anti Aging, a patient must fill out an exhaustive online intake form and upload photographs of their skin to the secure Nurx care platform. After a certified and registered Nurx medical expert has evaluated the patient’s condition, made a diagnosis, and created a treatment plan, the Nurx pharmacy will send medication to the patient’s door.

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In contrast to many other telemedicine providers, Nurx Anti Aging invoices insurance companies for medication and offers affordable out-of-pocket prices for those without insurance.

Providing Telehealth Care through Nurx

Thanks to its all-in-one service, which eliminates many of the traditional access barriers to healthcare while enabling an efficient and affordable way to provide patient-centered care, Nurx has experienced unprecedented growth over the past year, registering more than 500,000 new consultations with medical professionals. 3.15 million of the 7.25 million patient touchpoints were created in 2020 alone. Nurx Anti Aging offers specialised telehealth care for a variety of medical conditions, such as contraception, at-home diagnostics like STI, HPV, and COVID-19 testing, headache and migraine relief, and dermatology services. Over 325,000 people are served each month by Nurx Anti Aging.
In 30 states and the District of Columbia, or nearly 90% of the nation, patients may access Nurx’s services.


A health technology company by the name of Nurx provides vulnerable patients with simple, affordable, and customised care. By fully reimagining the healthcare experience, Nurx Anti Aging offers patients transparent pricing and judgment-free therapy whenever and wherever suits them best.

To sum up

We believe that everyone should have the ability to live well and make their own healthcare decisions, regardless of their circumstances. Every stage of achieving and retaining health, from examination through delivery, is improved.

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