Programming Languages For UX Design

For UX designers, the knowledge of programming languages is a must, even though they have nothing to do with coding. As the designers need to collaborate with the developers, understanding the technical constraints is important. 

So, which programming languages are important? With so many available programming languages, it is not possible to learn all. So here in this article, we have picked the 5 most important ones that UX designers of reputed UX design agencies must learn to keep up their good work.

Let’s get started by talking about how UX designers can benefit from knowing programming languages.

How knowing programming language can be advantageous for UX designers?

Below are the reasons why the knowledge of coding can be a great help for UX designers. 

  • Knowing how to code enables a UX designer to connect with developers about a project. After all, the designer is familiar with the language essential to communicate about their projects.
  • You can determine what is genuinely feasible and what is not if you have a general understanding of how the infrastructure supporting your ideas functions. For UX designers, it is only possible with coding skills.
  • Learning new skills is crucial since designers need to stay informed. Coding expertise will merely sharpen the designer’s creative abilities, which are crucial for producing greater work.
  • The main process that UX designers have to deal with is one of the challenges and solutions. The designers will be able to provide superior solutions with their understanding of coding. 

What types of programming languages are available?

UX designers should have familiarity with at least these three types of programming languages: mobile, front-end, and also back-end. When there is a need to create apps for smartphones, mobile programming languages are helpful. 

Users interact with a program through its front end, often known as its client side. Anything the users can see on the display of their devices, such as text, photos, etc., is included in this section. Push notifications, database operations, and web page rendering are the key components of the application’s back end, which is run on a server. There are many programming languages accessible for building each side. However, certain languages are suitable for developing both sides.

The programming languages UX designers of top UX design agencies should know

Instead of dealing with specific programming languages, front-end frameworks are typically what UX designers must face. Let’s start by looking at the programming languages that designers absolutely must be familiar with.

  1. CSS: The fundamental purpose of Cascading Style Sheets, also known as CSS, is to style content with font, colour, and other elements. Generally, CSS is crucial for creating a website that looks unique from other websites. In the end, CSS is what makes it possible for you to customize the look of your website. Designers can benefit from understanding CSS because it affects UI designs. Additionally, CSS is simple to learn and comprehend, making it easy for designers to use. Developers need CSS for front-end development, thus reputed UX design service providers in India are familiar with it.
  2. HTML: Basic HTML knowledge will undoubtedly be very useful for UX designers. Working with web developers requires a thorough knowledge of HTML. It is also used to create a website’s framework and the fundamental structure of the content. In general, headings, paragraphs, quotations, graphics, and structure must be created using HTML. Thus, having a thorough understanding of HTML will always be a benefit for UX designers. 
  3. JavaScript: JavaScript is another fundamental programming language that designers need to be familiar with. Alongside HTML and CSS, JavaScript’s primary function in web development is to add interactivity and functionality. Leading providers of AngularJS development services in India choose it for front-end frameworks. Therefore, the knowledge of JavaScript can be another programming language that UX designers should stay familiar with.
  4. Python: Both front-end and back-end development can be done using the programming language Python. Learning a programming language like Python is undoubtedly not a challenge for designers. Since it is such a simple programming language to use, UX designers won’t have any trouble using it. Python is a well-liked programming language for applications involving artificial intelligence and machine learning because of its concise codes.
  5. PHP: The best example of the PHP programming language in use is WordPress. PHP can be used to develop dynamic content for web pages. Knowing this specific programming language can be quite helpful for designers working on WordPress-based websites. Therefore, the UX designers of the agencies that offer PHP development services in India are familiar with this particular programming language.

What are the differences between programming languages and front-end frameworks?

When working on a website development project, UX designers will come across the front-end framework. Therefore, it is undoubtedly important to have a thorough comprehension of it. Besides, it is also important to have the ability to distinguish it from all the programming languages. The following details will assist you in distinguishing front-end frameworks from programming languages.

  • The frameworks are mainly created using these programming languages. These are mainly useful to develop websites from scratch.
  • JavaScript is a programming language whereas React, Angular, and Vue are all Javascript frameworks.

The front-end frameworks that the designers need to be familiar with are listed below.

  • Angular: For creating cross-platform applications Angular is a widely chosen framework. Some popular examples of the application of this framework are the websites of Forbes, Upwork, etc.
  • Ember: It is another popular Javascript framework that is useful for building web applications.
  • Vue: For building single-page, web applications Vue is the ideal JavaScript framework. This framework is popular for offering excellent performance.


In every step of the website development process, UX designers are crucial. Thus, having a solid understanding of programming languages will be very beneficial to them and to the UX design agencies where they are working. But it’s undoubtedly impossible to learn every accessible programming language. To improve your skills, think about learning the ones we’ve listed here. Additionally, it will assist UX designers in producing the ideal outcomes while working on a challenging project.

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