Monty Williams New Wife Lisa keeth

Lisa Keeth William’s birth name is Lisa Keeth Cliver. She is Monty Williams new wife Lisa Keeth. She was born on May 18, 1980, in Oakland, California, United States. As per her birth, she is 42 years old as of 2022. She completed her earlier education at a local private school in California. Then she was admitted into Angelo State University for further studies. She completed her graduation from this university. She got a degree of Bachelor of administration in marketing in 2002. Lisa Keeth married Monty William after the death of his first wife in 2017.

She was a good player in volleyball in her school and university and played different matches at this level. She was honored with Holland’s Award in 2001 due to his work. She has made many admirable performances and won many awards for her leadership, team management, and teamwork. Monty William was born in Virginia, the United States, on October 18, 1971. He is about 50 years old in 2022, according to his birth.

Family background:

Keeth Williams did not give any information about her family background. But she uploads the name of her parents-in-law. Her law father’s name is Traverse William, and her mother-in-law is Joyce William. They both supported them in their marriage decision. She respected her in-laws a lot. She was not a very famous personality before this marriage and her main popularity by which she is known the world wide is Monty Williams new wife Lisa Keeth. The important thing about her earlier life was that she had a baby boy with her ex-husband. She didn’t give any information about her son. There is no information about her ex-husband and their divorce.

Personal information:

According to her birth, her zodiac sign is Taurus. Her religion by birth is Christian, and her mother language is English. She has American nationality. By her profession, Lisa Keeth is a good volleyball player, media face, and manager because of her talent. Monty Williams new wife Lisa Keeth is a very active and pretty lady. She is also on Instagram as @lisawilliam18. But her Instagram account is private. Her ethnicity is White. About her physical appearance, her eyes and hair color are brown. She has an adorable height of 5 feet and 7 inches, and her weight is between 54to59. Different researchers confirmed that her current residence is in San Antonio, Texas, United States.

Personal information:


During her school days, she was outstanding in playing volleyball. Due to her interest in games, After the completion of her graduation, she started to work as a Partnership Suites Sales Associate at Spurs Sports and entertainment in the year 2004. After 2.5 years, she was promoted and became Partnership Activation Coordinator at that place. That was just because of her hard work and spirit. And in 2010, she became the manager of Partnership Activation at sports and entertainment. She maintained her position till 2013. It is an outstanding achievement that Monty Williams new wife Lisa Keeth started her career as a sales manager and became the senior manager at the same place within a very short interval.

From different sources, we can say that she left Spurs Sports and entertainment in July 2013. She wanted to groom herself and become a model. But she failed in her dream. Later in 2016, she rejoined the Spurs Sports and entertainment as a Director of the Partnership Activation. Now she is working at this place as a senior manager. She has been working here since 2008 and still working with them.

Monty William’s first wife and kids

Monty William was already married to Ingrid William in 1995. They were very close and supportive in their life. That couple remained together till 2016. They had five kids two boys and three daughters. Their names are Mach William, Jana William, Faith William, Elijah William, and Lael William. In 2016, the whole life of Monty William and Ingrid was split. Ingrid William’s wife was severely injured in a road accident on February 9, 2016, in Okhalama City, in the United States.

She was driving the car with her three children, Micah, Faith, and Jana. She was very severely injured in this accident. Later she passed away on February 10. That was a massive loss for the family of Monty William. Ingrid William was just 42 years old when she died in an accident. After her death, he got married to the woman known as Monty Williams new wife Lisa Keeth.

Monty Williams new wife Lisa Keeth:

Lisa Keeth and Monty William first time met in Oakland, California. After that meeting, they fall in love with each other. However, Lisa Keeth knew about William’s first wife and his kids. They got positive vibes from this meeting. After their meeting, Lisa Keeth decided to get married to Mr. Monty and also accept his children.

Monty Williams new wife Lisa Keeth is a gorgeous lady. It had already stated that she was married and had a kid from her past husband. Later she met Mr. Monty William. After having a good time, they decided to get married. Monty William’s parents supported them in their decision. Then they got married in August 2017. They married at a small function where they invited only their close friends and a few relatives. They didn’t announce their marriage at this time. A few months later, they shared the news of their marriage.

Lisa Keeth takes care of William’s children and is kind to them. Monty William shared her view’s about his wife, that she is very loving and has good nature. Monty William said: “I received the positive vibes and love from Lisa for my kids and me.” They are a happy couple who enjoy their marriage and are very supportive of each other.

Net worth of Monty Williams new wife Lisa Keeth:

The net worth of Monty Williams new wife Lisa Keeth is not available. But according to the lawyer, she earns a good living. Her monthly income is around 30-35k. She is living a pleasant and lavish lifestyle with her family. As her husband is a head coach, her net worth is more than her husband’s. Lisa Keeth’s net worth is estimated at around USD 9 to USD 11 million.


  • What causes Monty William’s first wife’s death?

She died in a road accident.

Why did Lisa Keeth leave spurs sports and entertainment?

She wants to groom herself as a model.

What is Lisa Keeth’s Net Worth?

Lisa Keeth’s net worth is estimated at around USD 9 to USD 11 million.

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