Noracora-3 things One Didn’t Know About Christmas


Why does the sky appear blue? Why is the colour of the water blue? Where does the sky end? Why can’t the sky be touched? How do the birds fly? Why don’t humans fly? How do planes fly? And many more questions like these are asked by children. The children are very curious to know about their surroundings. Whatever they see around themselves, they try to find out the “why, how, where and what” of those things. Children’s perspectives on things are very different. And the reason is they observe things very deeply. Curiosity is what makes them dive deeper into the things that they observe. And hence the questions they ask are very unique. When children ask these questions to their parents or elders they fail to answer them. But the problem with adults is that they never agree that they don’t know the answers. Whenever a question is asked, their ego comes in between. And that is the reason they become frustrated when children keep on asking questions. Instead of encouraging them to ask more questions, they discourage them. This is why the children’s questions never get answered. So, does that mean they stop asking questions anymore? No, not all! Children don’t give up so easily. They won’t stop until their questions are solved. They move on to the next question only when the last questions are solved. They try other ways to find the answers. They keep on trying! Curiosity is what drives them!! But the problem is that with time this curiosity to learn things disappears. The more they grow, the more their level of curiosity goes down. And at last, it vanishes! And it’s not the children who are at fault. It’s the society that is at fault. It’s the parents and teachers who are at fault. It’s the entire education system which is at fault. When the children grow old, they observe that their questions are being looked down upon. People are mocking their questions. The ecosystem is against their curiosity!! And hence as they grow older, they stop asking questions. They are no longer curious anymore. Hence the curiosity in adults goes for a toss! Adults follow something just because everyone is following it. Being rational and logical is not their tete. There are many such age-old customs and traditions which are being passed from one generation to the next. But the reasons are unknown! There’s nothing wrong with the following. But the problem is not being curious to know the background story. That’s where the problem lies!! People celebrate various festivals. Festivals give people an opportunity to celebrate life with everyone. People wait the entire year to come together and enjoy the festivals. Christmas is one such festival which is celebrated with great pomp and pleasure. Christmas celebrations begin much before Christmas day. And the craze for Christmas shopping starts two months before Christmas! People do everything that is being done by the previous generations. But they don’t know the “why” of it. Neither are they curious enough to know the “why”. There are many interesting facts about Christmas Day. The facts never heard or told before! Has anyone heard about the fact that “Noracora houses varieties of quality clothes at affordable rates?” If not, then he should check out the Noracora website without delay. As the Noracora sale is in full swing! One can find some amazing varieties of clothes. He can buy them at bank-balanced rates using the Noracora deals. Like how people don’t know interesting facts about Christmas. They also don’t know that the Noracora online shopping platform is ruling the hearts of the people. Because why not? Trendy and fashionable clothes at affordable rates! Hence Noracora shopping is a must for a shopping spree. Read onto to know the things that one didn’t know about Christmas: 

Christmas Day has nothing to do with Jesus’s birth: 

Christmas is celebrated all over the world to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. It was on 25 December Jesus Christ was born. And that’s the reason why 25 December is celebrated as Christmas Day with great pomp and pleasure. But nowhere in the holy book Bible, anything is mentioned about 25 December. Not just that when one will go through the Bible, he will find that there is no mention of Jesus Christ’s birthday. This thing became the centre of debate among the early Christians. Jesus’s birthday was first celebrated in the Roman Empire in the fourth century AD. And 25 December was the day chosen for the celebration. According to theory, the reason why only this day was chosen is linked to pagan traditions. It was on 25 December that pagan traditions used to occur. This is the whole story! Like how Christmas day has nothing to do with Jesus’s birthday. There are various clothes available in the market which have nothing to do with quality. But one can find quality clothes at Noracora online shopping platform. He can buy quality clothes at bank-balanced rates using Noracora promo codes

Coca-Cola is not behind Santa’s red coat: 

If something is known for ages among the masses does that mean it’s true? There is a high probability that it can be proved wrong. Isn’t it? It’s believed among the people that Santa Claus’ red coat and Coca-Cola have some relation. They share some special bonds! So, people believe that Coca-Cola’s clever advertising was behind the creation of Santa’s red coat. But that is not true! Because much before the invention of the company, there were multiple books and illustrations where St Nick was seen to be wearing a scarlet coat. And this contradicts popular belief! But nothing can contradict the belief that “Noracora clothes are the best!” Noracora has made available different types of clothes. One can buy them at pocket-friendly rates using Noracora coupons. 

Rudolph – The red-nosed reindeer: 

Heard about Rudolph? So, Rudolph is a red-nosed reindeer. Robert L. May used to work as an advertising copywriter for the Montgomery Ward department store. And this department store is in Chicago. He was the one who was behind the creation of the red-nosed reindeer. He created it in the year 1939. This is how Rudolph came into existence. And the motto behind the creation of the Noracora platform was to give people an opportunity to add an extra oomph to their fashion. So, anyone who wants to spice up their looks can check out the Noracora website. And then he can buy using Noracora coupon codes. And thus can save some of his money!! 

Curiosity should not die with age. Instead, it should keep growing. Because curiosity keeps one happy as well as motivated in life. Everyone celebrates Christmas. But does anyone know some of the interesting facts about Christmas? It’s the facts that make life more interesting. The more one tries to know new things, the more one becomes an intellectual person. The more one buys Noracora clothes, the more he makes his wardrobe fashionable. Because why not? One should not worry about the rates! What are Noracora discount codes for? He should avail of them and buy whatever he likes. Shopping from the Noracora platform is super easy!! One just needs to head onto the Noracora website. Then he should choose his clothes of choice. Then he can buy them using the Noracora offers. That’s it!! Quality as well as budget-friendly!!! What else can one ask for? Isn’t it? 

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