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Attracting a customer to a product gets started by making the Presentation of your product in a way that looks out of the ordinary. Colours, shapes, designs, and materials that are used to create a product add to the diversity of the product and make it eye-catching in the market. Among all the boxes that can be used to hold the item, the general box type is presentation boxes that are specifically designed to market the product in a versatile yet elegant way.

These boxes are made up of multiple designs.

Some of the common designs are shoulder boxes and display lid boxes. Both of these design types are selected individually for multiple items. Constructed from a sturdy material, both of these boxes are reliable to carry heavy materials of multiple sizes and shapes. The neck box or shoulder box is based on the architecture of a partial telescope box. A separate tray is attached to the inside of the box that rises from the base to the top and extends the size of the normal wall thus creating a neck on the edge. On the other hand, a display lid box has an extended flap from the top of the box to the front. The lid is mostly closed with the help of a magnet.

Mostly used for holding cosmetics and jewellery, these boxes are frequently used at retail shops for presenting beautiful and expensive items. Display of bangles, earrings, chokers, rings, necklaces, hair extensions, watches, eyelashes, perfumes, and many other things becomes more effective with the use of such boxes. While most of these things can be presented in a neck box, hair extensions come out in a separate style from the display box.

The hair extension packaging box is designed as a tray with a sleeve box.

This is the kind of box that is made up of a cover that wraps the box from all five sides except one side where it can be opened from. This box falls under the full telescope style. It gets easier to slide the tray out of the cover to show the extensions to the customers who are potentially going to buy them. This style of the box makes the display process easier and more efficient for the shopkeepers as well as the person who is buying.

Presenting the item in the right way makes all the difference when it comes to retailing. If the product is hideous or draped in colours that are dull and unattractive then the possibility of the items being overlooked by the buyer gets very high. Presentation is an art and therefore it falls on the companies who are producing the items, to make them luring and stylish.

All the custom packaging can be made mature by using the correct design and styling techniques. Modern patterns, eloquent quotes, sustainable material, and vibrant colours can enhance the beauty of the box which in turn can make the product that is resting inside it more promising and special. Understanding the audience and the nature of the product is really necessary at this point and it requires a keen eye to observe the shopping patterns and preferences of the clients.

All the aforementioned products along with others can become a very good gift for someone special. Celebratory functions like birthdays, anniversaries and other events can be made more special by handing out presents. A good box with an artistic design can be used to make the gift even more perfect than it already is. Different materials like laces, ribbons, stickers, and bows can be used on the top to give an impressive look to the gift and the box.

The hair extension packaging boxes can be stylized by putting window cuts.

The colour of the extension is made visible through these cutouts thus making it easier to decide which kind of hairstyle the customer wants to buy. Companies that are producing these items can also use different types of writing styles to put their logos on top of these boxes. The marks or the product’s name can be embossed or debossed on the box to make it a property of that particular company. It gets important to be

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