Puppy biting is very common and is an important part of their learning and development, so all puppies bite a lot! Generally, the dogs stop biting as they grow up, but it typically requires training!

In this blog, we will talk about everything related to your dog’s biting habit. 

Why does Golden bite so much? 

There are 2 major reasons why Golden’s bite so much:

a. Generally, all puppies bite 

b. Golden’s are bred to put things in their mouth

It is quite explanatory why the golden breed bite so much- they were bred to be mouthy! 

But it is mandatory to note that this biting habit goes away with proper training of ABI- Acquired Bite Inhibition. 

Acquired Bite Inhibition 

Usually, it is not that the puppies won’t get aggressive or won’t bite. But, there is a lot of importance that the owner has to give to their puppies regarding ABI. 

What is ABI? 

ABI is the unconscious ability to control the bite force or to put it in simple words, it means not to bite hard. 

Dogs have their teeth as defensive tools. They tend to bite you when you put a foot on your pet’s tail! This happens because they are hurt! Now comes the ABI- ABI will ask your dog not to bite hard, it will just make a grip on your hand by using its jaw but won’t give you a strong bite! 

If your dog has proper ABI training, then it is likely to do nothing more than put its mouth on your hand because it has learned not to bite with force. If they don’t have the ABI Training, then there are high chances that your dog won’t stop biting even after growing up and might bite dangerously and leave cuts or bruises! 

How to stop your Dog From Biting? 

1. You should ignore the puppy while they start nibbling. 

The best method to stop the biting habit of your dog is to stop giving them attention. As soon as your dog starts nibbling your hand, get up from their side and try to leave them alone in the room. Through this, your dog will know that the owner is getting hurt through their action, and they will stop nibbling soon. 

2. Firmly say “No.”

If you don’t want to ignore your dog, then firmly say “No.” 

Use a firm tone rather than using a polite tone- the tone that you use while praising your dog. A stern style is essential to let your dog know that you are not happy with its behavior. 

Make sure that you use sign language while saying no to your dog, as dogs don’t understand words, they understand your sign language. 

It is recommended not to use any sign of fun towards your dog while they are nibbling as it is important to teach your dog that this behavior can hurt someone.

Note: If you have hired a dog trainer, you must look at the firm tone they are using. 

3. Get some soft toys for your puppy! 

If you have a puppy and they are nibbling, then the reason could be that they are going through the teething process. So, you must get some soft, chewy teethers for your puppy to ease them. 

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