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IEEE stands for Institute of Electricals and Electronics Engineers. It is the world’s largest not-for-profit technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. The members of IEEE are professional engineers and scientists including computer scientists, software developers, information technology professionals, physicists, medical doctors, and many others. U.S. motor is designed to fulfil the requirements of its users

Prior to IEEE, AIEE and IRE were two different organizations independently founded: AIEE led to the growth of the electrical engineering profession while IRE was devoted to radio and then broadly to electronics. Both merged in 1963 to form Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers which then had 150,000 members, majority of them hailed from United States. Since then, they are aiming to improve the world’s technical literature in electrical engineering, computer science, and electronics by publishing transactions, letters, journals, and magazines annually in electrical engineering, computing, biotechnology, telecommunications, power and energy, and dozens of other technologies. They also have digital libraries with more than 5 million documents. Nearly 1,076 standards are in the IEEE Standards Association’s active portfolio, and there are more than 984 projects in various stages of development. This covers well-known IEEE 802® standards for local, wide-area, and other networks, such as Ethernet and Wireless LAN (often known as Wi-Fi®). 

IEEE produces products and services to support members in meeting their continuing education needs by providing continuing education units and professional development hours. In order to award continuing education units, professional development hours, and completion certificates, IEEE adheres to strict requirements for the creation and delivery of its continuing education resources. In order to improve students’ literacy in science, math, engineering, and technology at the pre-college level, IEEE collaborates with business, academic institutions, and the government. 

Motors available in united states for industrial or commercial purpose must maintain the IEEE Standard. IEEE standards are followed by U.S. motors manufacturing premium-efficiency enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC), horizontal and vertical, single-speed, and induction motors. 

IEEE 841 Motor Standards  

We need motors to perform in harsh conditions for long hours without harming the workers as well as the surroundings. Therefore, U.S. motors labeled motors can withstand the unique requirements of running in a continuous process. These processes are found majorly in chemical and petroleum industries but are in wastewater treatment plants, power, and mining industries as well.  

To ensure that manufacturing is streamlined, the IEEE standard was published in May 2021, the IEEE has put together a set of motor standards. The motors to be labeled as IEEE Std 841-2021, must be compliant with the following features:  

  • Non-regreaseable bearings  
  • Totally enclosed air over enclosure (TEAO)   
  • Inverter operation above-rated speed   
  • Motors with greater than 8 poles  
  • the NEMA Design A or C motors 
  • Motors with more than 3 lead connections  
  • An installed item (such as a brake) that is not allowed to be put in a division 2/Zone 2, Class I region  
  • Unclassified, Division 2/Zone 2, or any other area categorization 
  • The sound pressure level greater than 85 dBA at 1 meter for less than or equal to 445 frames or greater than 92 dBA at 1 meter for frame sizes greater than 445   
  • Non-standard frame size that does not comply with NEMA MG1 Part 13 Frame Assignments   
  • The winding temperature rises greater than 80°c at 1.0 S.F. on sinewave power and/or 95°c at 1.0 S.F. on inverter power. For slower 4-pole and 2-pole motors, the bearing temperature rise at rated HP is more than 45°C. 

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